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The "Screen Memory" named by the artist who hand drew it, Joel Matheson. At first glance it might seem to be just a bizarre mish-mash of images and concepts, but the title should be the first clue that there's much more going on here. The concept of the "screen memory" is actually quite common and well known in the UFO investigation community. And, particularly among those people who believe themselves to have been abducted by aliens. The term refers to a phenomenon where aliens subconsciously override an abductee's perception during an abduction event so that the abductee has no memory of what actually happened to them but, instead, their supplied with a "screen memory" of having come into contact with typically a different creature like a deer, or most commonly an owl. Countless UFO abductees claim to have had a strange experience or memory of an interaction with strangely large owls but when they undergo hypnosis it is discovered that what they were actually interacting with aliens the whole time.

This gets even stranger when you go deeper into the significance of owls in the occult and especially within secret societies and the power elite. A blaring example falls within the strange group that attends the "Bohemian Grove" encampment in upstate California where some of the worlds most powerful businessmen, politicians and leaders meet and engage in strange ceremonies in which they worship a giant stone owl god by the name of Moluch. A long running conspiracy theory that was actually confirmed in the early 2000's when a journalist snuck into one of these events to film the ceremony and leaked it online. Another strange coincidence in all of this is when it was learned that when George W. Bush was a member of the Skull & Bones secret society at Yale University, his code name was "Moluch". Strange stuff indeed.

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