Theories Brand Fingerprint Hat - Crimson Acrylic Wool

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This hat is an homage to the concept behind the Theories of Atlantis name. The graphic depicts the ancient wonders of the pyramids of Giza and the great sphinx. Two ancient structures that point heavily to the possibility that civilization existed much much earlier than modern archaeologists claim. These and other stone structures are the 'Fingerprints' left behind by some unknown, extremely ancient civilization, that prove that there is far more to the history of mankind than we've been lead to believe. 
This hat is made of an acrylic wool and has a simple sliding buckle enclosure at the back. With a low-rise crown and an unstructured construction, this hat has a nice non-bulky fit and will form to the shape of your head rather nicely. Subtle woven Theories label at the back of the hat and a woven label in the inside of the hat as well.
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