Theories Abduction Deck - 8.0

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In Colorado during the 1960-70’s many cattle farmers began experiencing an unusual phenomenon; many of their cattle were being found dead in their fields.....but not dead by normal circumstances. They were often found with some of their internal organs missing as well as sometimes all of their blood. Yet, quite often no blood was found on the scene, as if the mutilation had occurred somewhere else and the body was simply dropped back on the scene. These bizarre mutilations occurred typically overnight without anyone noticing, and no sounds or disturbances. It became such a nuisance that in 1975, Colorado Senator Floyd Haskell requested an FBI investigation into the mystery. A multi-year investigation that eventually concluded that nearly 8,000 cattle had been reported as killed. Scientists examining the dead livestock could not understand their bizarre, surgical-like wounds and chemical smell. Some cows were even radioactive or had their organs nearly disintegrated. This as well as alleged U.F.O. sightings in the same areas started rumors of that the cattle were actually being abducted. Having confused the public for over 50 years, these events have made cattle abductions a cornerstone of modern conceptions of U.F.O.’s and aliens.

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